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I'm very interrested by the white metal figures. But,
1. How to be registred as client?
2. What do you mean with "the payment link"?
Can the PayPal issues be used for exemple?
3. Could send me a msg when the orders are possible again after the furlough in your studio (see your main news)?

Thanks. Greetings from Belgium.
David Chatham
Greetings! Has there been any progress made on the payment issue? I was very happy with my two purchases, earlier this year and wish to purchase more figures from you in the future.
Best Regards,
Hello Dave
I am very glad that you remember our studio! Thanks.
I’ll be very happy to continue our cooperation and make more figures for you in the future!
Unfortunately, there is no progress in the issue of payment. At the moment, money transfer is possible only through the payment link and you can place an order.

Regards, Mikhail
John Ryder
A1 transaction very well packaged fantastic painted figure look forward to purchasing more. Thank you John
Giuseppe Bellissimo
I boughy your toy soldiers twince. These are very well painted and casting. Have a good cost/production ratio,are shipped with care.I'm very happy to have addressed you and i've received them to include them in my collectionof toy soldiers. I my self am a painter and I can assure you of the product I have purchased as i know the commitement to producing and painting toy soldiers. I hope to increase in medieval range and russian subjects. Continue on the road. Greetings from Italy
My two medieval knigths arrived last week. They are truly magnifcent. In all likelihood the most beautiful miniatures I have. One of them is ID 5333: I am going to have a lot of fun painting that one! (And making my friends jealous thereafter).
Also: there was a small delay and I got an extra miniature for the trouble. That was really above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much!

Prof. dr. Dirk Heirbaut
Francqui research professor
Ghent Legal History Institute
Faculty of Law and Criminology
Ghent University
Thanks for your feedback. Nice that you like our miniatures!
I want to ask you how can i change my address informations
You can write it on email or on website page "Contact us" via "Leave a message" button.
After two Napoleonics figure I bought some months ago, I got another 3. Two napoleonics and a medieval age knight.
Despite the Covid situation, the parcel arrived in a reasonable time.
The piece are awesome. Extremely detailed and well refined.
Very happy with them
I will back in the future to get some more.
Grand news! The model "The building of the Roman Senate" has arrived, no chips, no breaks, perfect!
A thank you so very much for the gift
These steps really are a beautiful piece.

Crafted to be either backdrop or main stage (even both) for a diorama of Roman Antiquity or Mussolini's Italy, the building has clean details especially on the columns and the roof frieze. The floor tiles, wall bricks and roof tiles are all carved giving depth and feel to the sculpture.
Due to the height of the sculpture you can cast light at different angles and create beautiful shadows for staged photos.
The construction is very solid, heavy and strong with no moving parts aside from the doors.
Shipped safely via registered tracking post in tight packaging.
Building height from base to roof ridge apex: 335mm, Width: 330mm, Depth: 161mm
Functional doors height: 95mm, Width: 45mm
I am glad. Jayden, thanks for your feedback.
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