Dear Customers and Partners

The official website of the “St. George Cross” studio is now online. Our studio was officially registered in 1993 and since then we have been manufacturing pewter military-historic figurines and classic Toy Soldiers. We have been producing and painting historical miniatures for over 25 years.

We present you our standard products and figurines from our new collections. For almost 15 years we had been dealing with Lead Army (NY), Michigan Toy Soldier Company, "Der Bunte Rock", «Greek Heroes» and a number of other companies in the U.S. and Europe. After Lead Army (NY) went out, we have been successfully cooperating with Crown Military Miniatures. Our main European partner is located in Greece.
The exterior and the entire concept of figurine manufacturing changed in accordance with our customers` wishes. Static poses were replaced by more dynamic ones. The approach to historic accuracy and figurine anatomy got deeper and more thorough. The components got more complicated and of better quality. In 2005, we stopped designing and manufacturing classic tin figurines (Toy Soldiers) and concentrated our efforts on creating models for military historical miniature connoisseurs.
We have worked with many famous Russian military-historic miniature artists and sculptors like A. Bleskin, A. Karaschuck, K. Kanaev (Yellow One), Y. Pyatkov etc.

This website’s purpose is to give you a better understanding of our products and to help you buy kits, connoisseur miniatures, or souvenir painted figurines. You can get feedback on our products from Mr. Xavier Hunter, Marco Fantozzi and Florian Böhm. Please write to and get their contacts.



Given the difficult economic situation in the world in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic we are reducing our prices for all customers. All existing discounts featured on the website will also continue to apply.









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